City of Portland (Maine)

OWNER: Portland Public Works/City of Portland

LOCATION: Portland, Maine


The scope of this work involves energy improvements at five Portland public buildings. The largest project is at the Barron Center, a long term care facility owned by the City. That work scope renovates existing steam heat system for the complex, buy installing two new Cleaver Brooks 150 HP hot water boilers, installation of a new hot water piping system that includes seven new circulation pumps, 5” and 6” carbon steel supply and return piping within the power house, 300+ feet of a 5” carbon steel preinsulated underground piping system to another building. New boiler stacks, combustion air system,  all small bore utility piping for oil, gas, and water.  All demolition of existing steam boilers and support piping at startup of new hot water system. Start up and commissioning of the new system is included.

The other four projects are at Portland schools and public building and include the installation of new carbon steel natural gas piping systems from the utility meter to the existing boilers at each location. Piping sizes range from 2” to 6” with runs up to 250’. The installation and retrofit of 5 boilers with new dual fuel high efficiency burners. The installation of  two new 24” stainless steel chimney liners renovating masonry chimneys approximately 75 feet in height. The installation a new combustion air system a one location. Piping and breeching modifications to accommodate burner installations, start up and commissioning.